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Heyscore.com is a high-score based game community, focused on simple game concepts and a comprehensible graphic outlook. Our vision is to make games that takes a few seconds to master and in return offers a lifetime of enjoyment.
The access point to the community is your score. All scores are archived in lists that can always be easily accessed and filtered globally or locally through different parameters.

New mind expanding games will be released a couple of times per month, so keep you eyes open!

Heyscore.com is embedded in the Heyboard interface, membership of Heyboard is required to play the games. The membership is free and includes 50 credit points. The points can be used to unlock present and future Heyscore games and functions for an unlimited time. When your 50 credit points are spent, new points can be purchased in three different bundles, for a moderate price.

Happy gaming! / Heyscore



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Why can't I play?

1.You have not logged in.
You must register and log in to play.
It's easy, just use the Heyboard window to the left and follow the instructions.

2. You are out of Coins. Press "Coins" to get more Coins.

3. You use the wrong buttons.
Under each game you can find simple instructions how to play. These are the most commonly used buttons:


Heyscore is the brainchild of Ola Persson and Samuel Nyholm, based in Stockholm, Sweden. Persson and Nyholm, who met ten years ago through a project for the social democratic party's union, soon became friendly and started brainstorming.

Persson's devotion to photo realistic 3d graphics and Nyholm's excellence in the fine arts soon materialized and Heyscore was born.