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YEAH!!!! / martinlofqvist, 28/03/2010 17:26:41


YEAH!!!!!! / martinlofqvist, 28/03/2010 17:25:54


P.W.D! / Aron, 26/03/2010 17:24:12

Re: Fst

Förvisso sant, men det betyder inte att jag inte skulle ha kunnat om jag velat. Skulle gärna ha dubbelt så snabbt.P.W.D PLAY WITHOUT DELAY / samme, 26/03/2010 16:51:13


Men samme, du är ju inte på topp i HP ;) ah, nu är snabbheten tillbaka iaf, svårt ska det vara / Aron, 26/03/2010 16:08:00

Slow Fox

Yes, people with good computers have so many advantages in the world, so we decided on Heyscore.com the slow processor people will be favoured. Since I play on a super fast cpu myself, I know its possible to be on top anyway. / samme, 26/03/2010 14:08:59

Whats up with the speed?

Just tried to play HP on a friends computer and it was MAD SLOW! So this must be the way some of you get the your highscores? ;) Well I wont cheat and break my record now, even though it would be really easy, hehe / Aron, 26/03/2010 12:23:24


Just a question: Why dont you make iphone games in flash?Re: jakewb: Yeah it sucks. No human can get more than 10 on hostile... The rest are speed-sponging. All best!/ Fb / Fuckbert, 26/03/2010 08:51:42

Thats a hey priority matter!

Or is it? / Ola Persson, 26/03/2010 08:38:47


sup /g, so I just heard about people deliberately slowing down their computers so they can get heyer heyscores. true/false??? / jakewithbrain, 26/03/2010 08:27:58

Page 8/9, Displaying Results 71-80 Of 89    1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9