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This game is a carrier of humanoid hope, a barrier crusher of sea-food dope. Care-devils and game-lovers of planet Tellus: Poseidon needs help!PlayInfo


The last tank on earth fighting a growing amoeba that threatens to take over the universe. A thrilling wargame with many dimensions.PlayInfo


Forget all you've heard about brit-hop accompanied interactive crap, heres the first full-fledged digital art-experience to serve the true art lovers of internet! PlayInfo


Gabriel, an infectious disease specialist, is sucked in to a world of vicious viruses that he has to defeat. An extremely fast game for the skilled player.PlayInfo


Follow Jenny, the anarcho-feministic, on a ruthless cleaning mission. Sweep the world with your laser armed rolling pin and prepare to die!PlayInfo

Double Zenon

The two Zenons, sharp shooting against the ancient ramshackle structures of mathematic theorems, humiliating the deceptive dictatorship of democracy. PlayInfo

World Basket

We would never expect that our fate would be destined in a game of basket between Captain World and the evil forces. Prepare to win, or prepare to die!PlayInfo

Hostile Planet

Tequila, the orphan, lands on an extremely unfriendly planet. In order to survive Tequila has to get oxygen and watch out for giant killer bees! PlayInfo